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Published on 05/08/2018 at 9h41

Top 5 forgetted camping items

Top 5 forgetted camping items  ...

Clothes line and clothes pins

You will always find two trees to tension the line ! Andpins can also be useful to close rice packet ! 

A Light / headlamp

Useful during the night ! 

Storage boxes / tupperwares

For beach picnics :-) or to put food lfetovers !

A Mallet

To pitch pegs ! You can always do with a stone but is is less convenient ! 

Matches / gas

It is always on the first night that you realize you forgot matches or that the gas bottle is empty ! Hopefully, you cna rely on campers solidarity or the Foodtrucks of Camping Le Verger ! ;-)


What about you ? Is there anything that you always forget ?

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Published on 03/05/2018 at 11h14

The most stunning tents


-Field candy

Do you know this British brand ? The shape is classic but colors and design are unique ! Cheese (and mouse!), watermelon, book, hut, etc.. Great effects ! 

-Inflatable tents

New technology : inflatable tents' poles ! Exit broken poles or used elastic strings ! These poles are like kitesurfing wings, under high pressure. reat idea, isn't it ? Traditionnal brands such as Decathlon or Trigano sell it.

-Bell tents and lotus belle tents

Popular in the UK, but not really common in France. Many sizes from 3 to 6 meters, very spacious, heavy-duty and charming ! Some have even a stove inside !

With a futuristic style, lotus belle tent are also spacious and original ! Glamping spirit !

-Trailer tents

Popular int he Netherlands, this folding tent is based on a trailer. A few minutes to unpack it, and you get a great camp !

-Rooftop tents

Usually seen on 4x4 Land rover defender, we also see them on common cars (breaks)! You unfold it very quickly, and the biggest advantage is that the bed is already made ! Great concept, isn't it ?!

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Published on 01/05/2018 at 17h42

2018 Tour de France

Tour de France 2018

This summer, the famous "Tour de France" will pass by our area ! Only 28kms from Le Verger

You will be able to see the cyclists in the following villages : Champagné les Marais, Puyravault, Sainte Radégonde des Noyers, Chaillé les Marais, and Vouillé les Marais !


If you have never seen "Le Tour de France" , do not miss it ! And also "la caravane" (the publicity fleet) ! Very funny !  So, be ready, on July 7th !

We will give you pieces of advice for the best spots to see the cyclists !

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Published on 01/05/2018 at 17h33

Le Verger : environmental friendly campsite

Le Verger, environmental-friendly campsite

Le Verger is eco-friendly !

About waste :

  • We practice selective waste sorting. A small effort to put apart glass, plastic, metal (cans), as you would do at home ! A small step, but so important !
  • We propose you a "second life box" so that you can put it evrything you want to leave (food you bought too much, useless camping gears etc..) and free access to campers who want to offer a secon life to this objects!

Energy and water

  • Some lights use solar energy
  • All water taps have timers in order to prevent from water waste 

At the shop :

  • We promote local producers (especially wine and eggs)
  • We do not deliver plastic bags

About trees:

  • We do not use chemical products for the trees
  • We use organic mushing 
  • We recycle all our garden waste

About facilities:

  • We use, as much as possible, organic products to clean the facilities

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Published on 01/05/2018 at 17h08

Will Le Verger suit you?

Will Le Verger suit you ?


What we offer  / What you are looking for ...

  • A small campsite, hence privacy
  • Large shower blocks (spacious showers, not small ones where all your stuffs are wet while you are taking your shower !! )
  • Tourism advice according to your tastes 
  • Bread, croissants and pains au chocolat every morning delivered by the local baker
  • A place to exchange books
  • Wooden picnic tables for hikers and cyclists
  • The opportunity to rent bikes, and tandem
  • A foodtruck every night, useful when you are lazy to cook ;-)
  • A small shop (grocery store) with basic products, cool drinks, ice creams (opened 7/7) 
  • A free-access freezer to freeze your ice packs
  • A free Wi-Fi area


What we do not offer / What you are escaping ...

  • Dancing party and karaoké night
  • Aquagym lessons
  • Miss or mister camping election
  • Mobile-homes everywhere
  • Giant water park and water slides



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