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Le Verger : environmental friendly campsite

Le Verger, environmental-friendly campsite

Le Verger is eco-friendly !

About waste :

  • We practice selective waste sorting. A small effort to put apart glass, plastic, metal (cans), as you would do at home ! A small step, but so important !
  • We propose you a "second life box" so that you can put it evrything you want to leave (food you bought too much, useless camping gears etc..) and free access to campers who want to offer a secon life to this objects!

Energy and water

  • Some lights use solar energy
  • All water taps have timers in order to prevent from water waste 

At the shop :

  • We promote local producers (especially wine and eggs)
  • We do not deliver plastic bags

About trees:

  • We do not use chemical products for the trees
  • We use organic mushing 
  • We recycle all our garden waste

About facilities:

  • We use, as much as possible, organic products to clean the facilities